Saturday, June 19, 2010

Martin McGartland asks would it help Northumbria Police if we dug up Sherlock Holmes

Northumbria Police's Secret Shame

Northumbria Police are Hopeless - Clueless and Spineless. Northumbria Police have been dealing with the attempted murder case of Martin McGartland since June 1999. Northumbria Police have never charged anyone with Martin's shooting.
"Would it help Northumbria Police if we dug up Sherlock Holmes.", asks Martin.

Martin McGartland says "Northumbria Police have been involved in an 11 year cover up since the day of the shooting. Northumbria Police have never come clean above the IRA being involved in my attempted murder.
Northumbria Police continue to lie, cover-up to hide their own failings in this case and also to protect those in the IRA who tried to murder me. I say Northumbria Police know who shot me, they also know where to find them. However, Northumbria Police are covering-up attempted murder and turning a blind-eye to IRA involvement."