Saturday, April 8, 2006

Martin McGartland ; Northumbria Police clumsily revealed in court during a speeding charge

Jenny McCartney

Spectator, The London
Date: Apr 8, 2006

What's one less IRA grass to the government?

In June of the same year, the IRA made a second effort to murder Martin McGartland Martin McGartland is a former Provisional Irish Republican Army informer who joined the organisation in order to pass information to British security forces. When he was discovered to be an informer, he escaped the IRA and was resettled in England. , an exceptionally courageous police agent who had succeeded in infiltrating the IRA and saving many lives. McGartland had already survived one murder attempt by the desperate means of hobbling with bound legs to a window in the Belfast tower block where he was being held by an IRA interrogation squad, and blindly propelling himself through the plate glass.

He was supplied with a new identity and relocated to the British mainland, where he lived until his original name was clumsily revealed in court during a speeding charge brought by Northumbria police. The diligent representatives of the IRA, taking a minibreak from their official ceasefire, then tracked him to his house and shot him six times at close range. McGartland miraculously survived after a long spell in intensive care.

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